The International Multisensory Structured
Language Education Council

IMSLEC's History and Development

1990-1995 Committee of the Orton Dyslexia Society (now the International Dyslexia Association)

Incorporation as an independent accrediting organization

First Annual Meeting of organizers; Bonita Colony elected president

First grant received

Publication of Clinical Studies of Multisensory Language Education for Students with Dyslexia and Related Disorders


Non-profit 501(c)(3) status received

Second Annual Meeting of Organizers

Second grant received


Accreditation Standards and Criteria Adopted

Accreditation Procedures, Handbook approved

Three programs piloted for accreditation

First Formal Candidates approved

Third Annual Meeting of organizers; Joyce Pickering elected president


First on-site evaluation team visits

First accreditations announced (November)

Additional Formal Candidates approved

Fourth Annual Meeting

Publication of Directory of Accredited Programs

1999 (Nov.)

Clinical Studies (2nd ed., revised)

Directory of Accredited Programs (2nd ed.)

Publication of MSLE: Overview of 11 Approaches

2000 CEU Process approved 6th Annual Meeting

Publication of Directory of Accredited Programs and Graduates

7th Annual Meeting


First dual accreditation with ALTA

Founding member organization of the Alliance for Accreditation & Certification, Inc.

8th Annual Meeting


Presented first annual Innovator Awards

9th Annual Meeting


Collaborated with other organizations in The Alliance to begin work on a certifying exam

10th Annual Meeting


19 IMSLEC - accredited training courses participated in field testing a certification exam for MSLE teachers, and therapists

11th Annual Meeting

Valerie Tucker elected president


IMSLEC and ALTA Centers Council merge to form one accrediting organization

The Alliance exam is administered by ALTA

12th Annual Meeting


13th annual meeting held in Dallas

Phyllis Meisel elected president

Alliance Exam administered during the IDA Conference


IMSLEC sends representatives to Alliance Task Force meeting in Baltimore to discuss broadening the Alliance members

14th annual meeting held in Seattle

Ad hoc committee formed to discuss school accreditation


15th Annual Meeting held in Orlando

Maureen Martin elected president

Ad hoc committee formed to update IMSLEC website

32 accredited courses

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