The International Multisensory Structured
Language Education Council

Definition of Terms

Multisensory Structured Language Education (MSL or MSLE)

Multisensory Structured Language (MSL) programs should include the following content areas of:

  1. phonology and phonological awareness;
  2. sound / symbol association;
  3. syllables;
  4. morphology;
  5. syntax;
  6. semantics;

and be taught with the following principles of instruction:

  1. simultaneous multisensory (VAKT);
  2. systematic and cumulative;
  3. direct instruction;
  4. diagnostic teaching to automaticity; and
  5. synthetic / analytic instruction (see charts following for more detail).

Click here for more information about MSLE terminology and course content.


A graduate is an individual who successfully completed an IMSLEC-accredited MSLE training coursework and practicum.

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